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Updated: Aug 21

There’s a great deal of buying and selling online these days but that doesn’t mean our high street shops don’t have their place. The high street is a haven for unique, quaint and privately operated stores.

Galleries are among the best of the stores, offering art lovers the chance to delve into untapped thoughts and emotions, joining the world of magic and freeing your imagination. When you discover the world through the eyes of an artist, you start a journey into the unknown, art can build worlds, it can takes you places you’ve never been before, open your mind and explore the unexplored.

Gallery 68 is on the high street as well as being open for business 24/7 online. Whether you choose to come into the gallery or shop online, rest assured you will always receive a quality artwork created by professional artists, creative and unique minded people who stand by their work no matter what, and are proud to call themselves artists.

Enjoy what the gallery has to offer, as we enjoy seeing our work in your homes and work spaces.



Gallery 68

50 Pylewell Road

Hythe SO45 6AQ



Gallery 68 Ltd is a Company registered in England and Wales with a company number 12372472

50 Pylewell Road, Hythe SO45 5AQ 

E: info@gallery68.co.uk
Tel: +44 023 8178 2772