Digital Prints

by Alli Cullimore


I love to create, whether that be by painting an original on canvas or creating a completely new artwork from an original or a photograph.

Firstly, I photograph an original artwork or take a photograph of an object. I then stretch, pull, re-colour, add effects etc to make something unique and completely different to it's original form. It may take me hours, days or even weeks to complete a print but once I get it to where I want it to be, I stop, sit back and say, yep, that's what I want. Until I reach that point, I keep going. I sometimes delete and start again if I'm not happy with what I am seeing.

Prints are available in various sizes and formats, Fuji photo paper prints, stretched canvas, acrylic and even on aluminium, I also have round prints on aluminium & acrylic. Click through the links below to choose your options and size.

You can check out the before and after images here


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