Other Artisans

I am thrilled to announce my association with other selected artists and artisans, whose works are outstanding, contemporary and fit in with my vision and the style of Gallery 68. My own works are still available through the Original Artworks and Digital Prints tabs, and you can view the works of the fantastic artists I represent below.

If you are interested in being represented by Gallery 68, we charge a 20% sales commission on your sold works. For further details please email info@gallery68.co.uk and attach 5 recent images of your artwork that you consider suitable for inclusion in the Gallery's portfolio.

Anne Tognaq

Anne Tognaq studied fine art at the Academy of Arts in Bucharest, Romania. She has held many personal and group exhibitions throughout Europe and the USA. She believes in the concept of Egregore, a "thought form" or "collective group of minds".

For further information on Anne and to purchase her works, click below

Janet M Smith

B.A. Hons Fine Art

The love of drawing is the basis of all Janet's art, an emotional response driven by life experience. She combines observational drawings into abstract paintings, looking at shapes and patterns of colour in the landscape.

For further information on Janet and to purchase

her works, click below

Philip Irwin

After retiring from his job as bursar

in a secondary school, Phil took up     woodworking. He began by creating solid oak chopping boards but

then found his niche in the creation

of tables with solid wood and wood combined with resin.

For further information on Phil and to purchase his creations, click below


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