Artists I Represent

I am thrilled to announce my association with other selected artists and artisans, whose works are outstanding, contemporary and fit in with my vision and the style of Gallery 68. My own works are still available through the Original Artworks and Digital Prints tabs, and you can view the works of the fantastic artists I represent below.

If you are interested in being represented by Gallery 68, we charge a 20% sales commission on your sold works. For further details please email and attach 5 recent images of your artwork that you consider suitable for inclusion in the Gallery's portfolio.

Anne Tognaq

Anne Tognaq studied fine art at the Academy of Arts in Bucharest, Romania. She has held many personal and group exhibitions throughout Europe and the USA. She believes in the concept of Egregore, a "thought form" or "collective group of minds".

Anne is also an accomplished Portrait Artist and you can commission a portrait rendered in oils on canvas or pencil on paper here

For further information on Anne and to purchase her works, click below.

Martin Wade

Martin was commissioned into the Army in 1999.

He was medically discharged in 2015 following his diagnosis of Complex PTSD in 2010 some three years after his return from Afghanistan.  He was encouraged to paint as part of a holistic approach to his therapy.  He found a way to express creatively things he could not express in words. 

​Free from any classical training he paints unhindered by convention and accordingly explores colour and composition on his own terms. Life's experiences brought him to the easel and as such, these experiences provide him with much of the material seen in his portfolio.  


The emphasis of his art is not one of gloom brought about by trauma and the hidden wounds of war but one of optimism, compassion and faith in common humanity. 

Phil Irwin

After retiring from his job as bursar in a secondary school, Phil took up woodworking. He began by creating solid oak chopping boards but then found his niche in the creation of tables with solid wood and wood combined with resin.

Using responsibly sourced timber, he searches for attractive and interesting natural features and shapes, some of which lend themselves to the use of resin to further enhance the beauty of the piece.

For further information on Phil and to purchase his works, click below.

Gayle Quinn

Gayle holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art with First Class Honours and was previously shortlisted for Bloomberg New Contemporaries, one of the UK’s leading contemporary art exhibitions.

Gayle believes in interpretive freedom - her work should be interpreted by the individual, not dictated by the artist, and is passionate about the therapeutic value of art. 

For further information on Gayle and to purchase her works, click below.

Michael J Sales

Michael J Sales, is a contemporary artist and self-taught like myself. His artistic talents take him into the world of abstracts, cubism and urban street art.

His love of painting has taken him on a journey where he learned much about art along the way, listening and taking the advice of a mentor and other well known artist friends that offered guidance and support.

His subconscious thoughts can trigger his imagination or he can be completely spontaneous and sometimes lets the paint tell him where to go on the canvas.

​Michael's journey into opening his mind and soul is an ongoing adventure, which he translates into his artwork.

For further information on Michael and to purchase his works, click below.

Sarah Clarke

Sarah is a local to the New Forest, living in Lymington. Her work is loosely figurative but more recently the materials she uses has lead to a more abstract approach.

Her work is driven by the thrill of the surprise element that occurs during the process of laying colour upon colour.

For further information on Sarah and to purchase her works, click below.

Janet M Smith

New Forest local Janet Smith has a background in textiles and print making, holding a B.A. Hons in Fine Arts 2008 after progressing from Foundation Art & Design, ONC/HND printmaking which she gained at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth. 


The love of drawing is the basis of all Janet's art, an emotional response driven by life experience. She combines observational drawings into abstract paintings, looking at shapes and patterns of colour in the landscape.

For further information on Janet and to purchase her works, click below.

Paul J Best

Paul has been an artist and landscape architect for over 30 years. His work is principally focused on interpreting and expressing a sense of place. He seeks to express the unique quality of places... landscapes, seascapes and townscapes. He wants his work to be seen as joyous and uplifting, whilst reflecting the infinite beauty and value of the landscape in its widest sense.

Paul was a wildcard entry in this years Heat 3 of Landscape Artist of the Year held at West Wycombe House in Buckinghamshire.

For further information on Paul and to puchase his works, click below.

Need Representing?

If you are interested in being represented online by Gallery 68, we charge a 20% sales commission on your sold works. 

For further details, email and attach 5 recent images of your artwork that you consider suitable for inclusion in the Gallery's portfolio.

For further information on Martin and to purchase his works, click below.

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